Jan. 12th, 2010

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So I read Livejournal everyday. Religiously.
It's part of my routine as much as coffee or tea is to other people.

So i'm wondering, "Why am I having such a hard time gathering the initiative to post something of substance?"

Am I afraid I am boring and have nothing of importance to say? Is there so much floating around my head that it's too much of a task to filter it into cohesive thoughts? Or is facebook an easier time sucking bitch?

Part of me feels like I used to have so much I wanted to get out. I had stuff I wanted to say and so help me people where gonna hear it! I'm left wondering where that voice went to. My everyday is so work heavy that I'm afraid I'm going to bore myself just typing it all out. Client deadlines, animation specs, frame rates, Adobe product woes. Zzzzzzzz.

Then there is DJing. There is only so many times I can write about Bearracuda or Bootie.

I've grown stale. :(

2009 was very full of routine, and sameness. Week after week. A few punctuations of events, and vacations, but they were heavily outweighed by the "got up. went to work. came home. got dinner. watched TV. went to bed." part of my life. Is that what being an adult is?

I think 2010 is going to be a year of breaking up the monotony. Doing different things. Trying to get out of the city more. Hopefully reviving this journal a little bit and not just post photos (which I can't even seem to do THAT regularly!).

When IRL friends start defriending you for not posting (and with good reason) it's either time to shit or get off the pot.


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