Jan. 19th, 2010

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Usually when it rains I sleep like a log but last night that was not the case.

Friday day I planned on mixing it up a little and going to Ghetto Disco at The Endup but after a quick stop at 440, a quick dinner at Fuzio, and finding out the DJ I wanted to see wasn't going on until 5am I turned in early for a night of SCENE IT on the xbox360 with Hot Phil and some snuggles. My baby is a champion snuggler. Ask him, he'll show you.

Speaking of snuggling, what is your favorite snuggle position?

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Saturday night we had a hugely successful Bearracuda where we invited the Honey Sound System boys to come throw their version of a bearracuda. They took care of the music, the visuals, the food, even the posters. It was packed ALL NIGHT (with a line outside for a little while as well!)
We've had some of the Honey DJ's play sets at Bearracuda before, but I think they are way more successful with our crowd when they can build their style throughout the entire night as well as bring in some of their following to mix with ours. I find that Bearracuda Patrons don't do well when the music style switches drastically at midnight.

I ended up going to Sanctuary the next night for more dancing. When I have the Monday afterward off I really need to get out and dance more. Bearracuda and Bootie are great but I like to mix it up and support other events as well. Plus a bunch of friends were going. I thought the music was pretty great and different than I expected. Circuity at some points, almost rave-ish in others, with a sprinkling of some vocal heavy classic songs re-remixed for a more current sound.

There were some HUGE Asian posse's that traveled in packs about 10-15 heads deep and the normal skinny shirtless generi-gay crowd, but there was small but dancey bear contingent that weren't the "sway, pose, and ingnore" type.

Monday morning was ROUGH however! Luckily I was off from work and had plenty of time to sleep in, relax, and lounge. Ended up going over to Frank Ladra's house and hung out with the boys to play some video games. Been trying to do that a little more. Just hang out with friends in a non-bar/club atmosphere trying to do as little as possible.


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