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Birthdate:Nov 29
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
I'm a 1950's television sitcom waiting to happen.



"[info]boyshapedbox is generally the first person in the room to take off his pants."

"Like a turtle covered in nacho cheese, [info]boyshapedbox is now comes with 35% more falafel action!"

"fuck the hokey pokey, [info]boyshapedbox is what it really is all about."

"[info]boyshapedbox has the most deliciously shaped penis bulge in his underpants, and a wonderful happy trail running down his belly. i want to rub him all over in inappropriate ways!"

"Boyshapedbox shakes his groove thang better than Britney!"

"Making sweet love with [info]boyshapedbox makes the angels cry diamond tears."

"[info]boyshapedbox is one fierce, hot, silver mohawked, tranny feroshia MESS."

"[info]boyshapedbox can prevent several different types of cancer if rubbed evenly on the skin each morning."

"DJ Boyshapedbox plays nothing but Britney Spears remixes. Nothing else. Ever. And he's a cry baby who loses his sunglasses a lot."
-[info]hildeaux (paraphrased)

"Boyshapedbox is a thigh-moistening combination of scrotum, hair-coloring, and daffodils."

"My first introduction to [info]boyshapedbox aka "girlshapedsphere" was his immortal line, "You're selling your shit, Clare!" and now I know that the radiation spiling out of his brain is a bit slanted, maybe a bit twisted, possibly poisonous and likely addictive."

"Wash warm. Do not bleech. Dry low."

"boyshapedbox is banned in most countries due to adverse yet highly enjoyable side effects ;-)"
"boyshapedbox owns an eyebrow factory in Outer Illinois."
"boyshapedbox eats only dental fluff and chocolate earwigs.

"Lose weight now ask him about cold water suckerfish enemas?"

"Cuter than a (boyshaped)box full of puppies. Has an ass with mind control powers."
"I used to like bologna but now I like boyshapedbox."

"boyshapedbox Lite!(R) - half the calories of regular boyshapedbox!"

"In the past, the "Devil's Interval" was the tri-tone, but we really know it's [info]boyshapedbox!"

"Boyshapedbox! He's not just for breakfast anymore!"

"I love me some boyshaped box like a fat boy loves cake."

"B is for his Boyish ways
O is for that One thing that he does
Y is for the Y ask Y
S is for the Shoes he is so fond of
H is for the Happy tone he sets
A is for the Apple in his eye
P is for that Phil guy that he likes
E is for the Extra things he does
D is for the Dope beats that he drops
B is for an extra Back up on his boyish ways
O is for his Obvious skills on the cOmputer with phOtOshOp
X is for the Xena warrior cry that is his laugh

Put it all together and what do you have?
That guy that wears a jock strap on the street sometimes."






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