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I was so so so nervous last night before the party. New club, new sound system, new people. I was a wreck. Plus it was snowing.

But once I saw how packed it was and started djing all that fear melted away. The set up was on a stage so there was room to move around and dance which a nice change from the typical crowded dj booth.

There were a great number of LJers as well as SF bears, and a sea of handsome new faces! 300 peoples! My set FLEW by and afterwards I got great feedback!

All in all a very surprisingly successful night! And a wonderful weekend!

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I've been giving a lot of thought to prop 8 and to the posts I've been reading here on LJ and trying to find my own voice in the matter.
I'm a young guy, 26 at the end of this month, so I wasn't around for a lot of the gay rights struggles of the past. Only having word of mouth stories and video clips to reference, the take away is very broad and "big picture." It's very different when you are in the moment without the ability to have hindsight.
I think a lot of us who've never had our rights taken away before are angry, rightfully so, but having a hard time channeling it.
Reactionary anger is just as dangerous and counter-productive as not doing anything. It's easy to want to attack specific groups like the Mormons, because that gratification is instant. But not all Mormons contributed money or voted yes on prop 8. We need to remember not to mirror their attack strategy, which was to generalize and lump all gay marriages and gay people into a few false hateful categories.
Against god. Dangerous to children. Leads to the crumbling of the sanctity of marriage.
They convinced people to fear us by painting us as threatening and did so through generalization to make us easier to step over.
We cannot combat them with the same tools they used. We must be better than them if we want to win.

So be upset. GET ANGRY!

Talk to your family and friends, and hold demonstrations and protests, but hold them in areas that aren't the gay mecca's and progressive areas.
We've got to get out and educate the other people on why we deserve the same rights and privaledges that they are given and won't ever need to defend.
Reminding people of the things they either get without question, or once had to fight for but are turning a blind eye to those that need their help inturn, this is what we need to focus on.
Preaching to the choir, attacking specific groups, and throwing stones isn't going to get us anywhere.


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