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Usually when it rains I sleep like a log but last night that was not the case.

Friday day I planned on mixing it up a little and going to Ghetto Disco at The Endup but after a quick stop at 440, a quick dinner at Fuzio, and finding out the DJ I wanted to see wasn't going on until 5am I turned in early for a night of SCENE IT on the xbox360 with Hot Phil and some snuggles. My baby is a champion snuggler. Ask him, he'll show you.

Speaking of snuggling, what is your favorite snuggle position?

[Poll #1513836]

Saturday night we had a hugely successful Bearracuda where we invited the Honey Sound System boys to come throw their version of a bearracuda. They took care of the music, the visuals, the food, even the posters. It was packed ALL NIGHT (with a line outside for a little while as well!)
We've had some of the Honey DJ's play sets at Bearracuda before, but I think they are way more successful with our crowd when they can build their style throughout the entire night as well as bring in some of their following to mix with ours. I find that Bearracuda Patrons don't do well when the music style switches drastically at midnight.

I ended up going to Sanctuary the next night for more dancing. When I have the Monday afterward off I really need to get out and dance more. Bearracuda and Bootie are great but I like to mix it up and support other events as well. Plus a bunch of friends were going. I thought the music was pretty great and different than I expected. Circuity at some points, almost rave-ish in others, with a sprinkling of some vocal heavy classic songs re-remixed for a more current sound.

There were some HUGE Asian posse's that traveled in packs about 10-15 heads deep and the normal skinny shirtless generi-gay crowd, but there was small but dancey bear contingent that weren't the "sway, pose, and ingnore" type.

Monday morning was ROUGH however! Luckily I was off from work and had plenty of time to sleep in, relax, and lounge. Ended up going over to Frank Ladra's house and hung out with the boys to play some video games. Been trying to do that a little more. Just hang out with friends in a non-bar/club atmosphere trying to do as little as possible.
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For some reason I am amazingly intrigued by this website, and the fact that all the photos are generally similar, yet in tiny little ways completely unique.

I can see a few LJ-Photo bears getting in on this. *I'm looking at you Woofer.*
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So I read Livejournal everyday. Religiously.
It's part of my routine as much as coffee or tea is to other people.

So i'm wondering, "Why am I having such a hard time gathering the initiative to post something of substance?"

Am I afraid I am boring and have nothing of importance to say? Is there so much floating around my head that it's too much of a task to filter it into cohesive thoughts? Or is facebook an easier time sucking bitch?

Part of me feels like I used to have so much I wanted to get out. I had stuff I wanted to say and so help me people where gonna hear it! I'm left wondering where that voice went to. My everyday is so work heavy that I'm afraid I'm going to bore myself just typing it all out. Client deadlines, animation specs, frame rates, Adobe product woes. Zzzzzzzz.

Then there is DJing. There is only so many times I can write about Bearracuda or Bootie.

I've grown stale. :(

2009 was very full of routine, and sameness. Week after week. A few punctuations of events, and vacations, but they were heavily outweighed by the "got up. went to work. came home. got dinner. watched TV. went to bed." part of my life. Is that what being an adult is?

I think 2010 is going to be a year of breaking up the monotony. Doing different things. Trying to get out of the city more. Hopefully reviving this journal a little bit and not just post photos (which I can't even seem to do THAT regularly!).

When IRL friends start defriending you for not posting (and with good reason) it's either time to shit or get off the pot.
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I'm pretty sure there are Japanese woman living in my head.

It would explain a lot.
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Halloween 2009, member of the Cobra Kai from Karate Kid.


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For night-blogging.
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My coworkers and I are surely going to hell for making this....

and then we're getting transported to the special sector of hell for getting Rainn Wilson to tweet the URL to his 1,533,974 followers :)
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I know "SF DOESN'T HAAAAAVE A SUMMER!" but....This photo was taken last year and is proof that this mysterious "summer" exists!

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(Toronto, 2005)

If you ever wear a tshirt with the word "AMAZING" embroidered on it.....

...Don't wear it with an unzipped jacket or you will get a lot of dirty
looks and threats you don't understand.

Knowing is half the battle.
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I'm starting a mixtape project called "RETURN2SENDER." Basically it's a digital mixtape that showcases a handfull of tracks you are currently digging that you give to someone who makes one of their own and sends it back.
Maybe it's the genre, or the artist, or the actual song, but if it's currently on your radar and you are excited about, put it in the mix.

New or old stuff.

If you are interested download my zip of tracks, then send me back a zip of yours to boyshapedbox @ g m a i l . c o m.


Album art is optional but tracklisting/track order is MANDATORY.
Can be any mix of genres, tempo's, artists, whatever.
Make sure there aren't any "protected" songs in the bunch.
Don't be embarrassed about your selection, and no judgment about others either.

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Today is my 4th Anniversary of moving to San Francisco.
On some level is feels like it was just yesterday,
although on another level it seems like decades ago.

I love you San Francisco, thank you for choosing me.
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"IMG_2750", originally uploaded by Butch at Renegades.

Jason/[ profile] jasontheleo, David/[ profile] design_bear, and Mikey put on a very fun party!

Check Butch out if you get the chance!

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"Self-Portrait", originally uploaded by boyshapedbox.

So lately I've been taking a break from posting on LJ. I still read it everyday but I can't seem to muster up an entry besides photos.

I've been kind of retreating a little, being a little more home-body-ish and introverted (atleast for ME that is). Just taking a small break from everything, getting my health together, but mostly just trying to slow down a little.

I had my last wisdom tooth out on Tuesday so I spent a few days this week just recovering, lounging, watching movies, and being lazy. It felt GREAT! The extraction was pretty easy, I have a great dentist who did an incredible job! All he used was Novocaine. I was hoping for laughing gas just to see what it's like, but I giggle all the time so I can imagine what I would be like to try and control/sit still.

I was also hoping my wisdom tooth would bring me down to my goal weight but I saw the tooth, and it didn't look 20lbs.

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I was in my first art show ever this past Friday, presented by my work. It was amazing to finally get to show my art, but also get to see it physically in the real world and not on a computer monitor or TV. The show was a great success!

It's A Party! Bring Your Own Bread.

Siamese Triplets


Pink Posse

Dong Tater

The Poop Scoops

All my pieces were 30"x30" or 30"x40" (The Poop Scoops is a 17" light box back lit piece)

For the rest of the show and larger versions of these pieces:


Aug. 15th, 2009 11:09 am
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Photo post

Jul. 30th, 2009 10:25 am
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Mark and his crazy blue eyes finds a matching feline friend.


Lounging at [ profile] dendren's party with [ profile] nebulocity1976 sulking in the background (wearing an AWESOME shirt).

Dave and Phil

[ profile] dhbearguy and [ profile] dendren. Sisters forever!


[ profile] bigtallnoljandy looking all handsome and shit.


Jess and her boyfriend Sasha come visit while my bestfriend Robert stays with us.


My bestfriend Robert (since the 8th grade!).

Hot Phil

My Hot Phil giving me that "I just turned and there you are with a camera in my face.
What are you doing? Let me buy my vodka in peace" look.

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(She said she wanted flaming candles!)

Happy Birthday Mom!
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